About Shahin



Shahin Performed Music from the age of 10 and began playing with the Tonbak. With his mother's encouragement he continued with playing the 'Tar" & "Setar" to this day. Mr. Shahbazi vastly benefited from the instruction of masters of Tar & Setar such as hooshang Zarif, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Dariush Talaei, Massoud Shoari, and Behrouz Hemmati. Mr. Shahbazi had abundant interest to continue his learning and performance in the master course of Maestro Hossein Alizadeh at Tehran University where he accompanied Mr. Alizadeh.
Mr. Shahbazi acquired Vocal radif "Radif avazi" and old pieces from the masters of the feild, Karim Saleh Azimii and Ahmad Ebrahimi. He has learnt the fundamentals of composition from Farhad Fakhreddini. Mr. Shahbazi performed and was present on the side of Professor Dr. Manuchehr Sahabi and in the master classes of Composition and Orchestration .
In the field of harvesting, mixing, & joining poetry and music, he learned from Professor Hossein dehlavi. He had also benefited, for semesters, of auto musicology in Dr. Mohsen hajjarian's classes.
Shahin Shahbazi has performed with various groups of artists and masters of Persian Music such as Ahmad Ebrahimi, Kambiz roshanravan, Javad Bathaei, Fardin Khalatbari, and also Mehrnavazan ensemble led by Maestro Farhad Fakhreddini.
He had held several concerts in Iran as well as Turkey (on the celebration of the 800th year of Mowlana's " Rumi" birth ), India, Uzbekistan, the United States.

 Shahin Shahbazi's accomplishments:

Best Iranian classical music at the music festival( Khaneye mosighi) in 2013 for the album "Aberoye Ab"

2006 & 2007 research and study of music in Bangalore and Dehli, India.

2001 establishment, administration, and composition of various concert for the "Nafir ensemble". 

2000 Elected as the winner of the “ first solo performers” Festival For The Young Players in Tehran.

Arrangement of Radif and pieces by maestro Aliakbar Khan Shahnazi. This was the first time that any kind of Radif in this volume was ever arranged.